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Satisfactory Academic Progress

To maintain your eligibility for financial aid at Bellevue College, you’ll need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in an elegible degree or certificate program.  Read the BC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Do Grades Really Matter?

The Ins and Outs of Academic Standards (also called Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP)

Grades matter a lot when you’re “on” or receiving financial aid grants and loans.
To keep your funding coming:

  1. Complete at least 75% of your classes.
  2. Complete your degree or certificate within 135% of the program length (for example, a 90-credit program must be completed before you take any more than 121 credits all together, regardless of the subject).
  3. Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for both college level classes and developmental coursework such as Math 090.
  4. Remember, the financial aid office checks your academic progress at the end of each quarter and before Fall Quarter each year.


Quarterly completion requirements

SAP is reviewed at the end of each quarter and prior to the start of each fall quarter, according to the following standards:
1. Completion of a minimum number of credits; and,
2. Maintenance of a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average; and
3. Completion of a degree or certificate within the maximum time frame.

Pace of Progression

Pace of progression is calculated at the end of each quarter when grades are posted.   We calculate the total number of attempted credits by the total number of completed credits.  For example, you attempt 15 credits, but complete 5; divide 5 by 15 for a 33% pace of progress calculation. If you fall below 75% on this quarterly calculation, you will be placed on Warning Status.  If you withdraw officially or unofficially or earn all non-completion grades (HW, F, I) at the end of the quarter, your aid will be cancelled. 

The SAP policy applies to every quarter of attendance at BC, even if you did not receive financial aid during some quarters.

State Need Grant Academic Progress Requirements

State Need Grant has some additional conditions that you must meet in order to keep receiving state aid. 

  • You must complete at least 50% of your attempted credits
  • If you complete between 50% to 99% of attempted credits for a quarter, you will continue to have state aid, but will be put on a Warning or Probation status
  • If you are on a Warning status with state aid, you must complete 100% of attempted credits during the Warning or Probation status in order to regain eligibility for future quarters of state aid.

Failure to complete the minimum number of credits for two consecutive quarters results in the loss of eligibility and the cancelation of financial aid.

Prior to the start of each fall quarter, your academic performance is reviewed to determine if the 75% credit completion requirement has been met. The annual credit requirement means you must successfully complete 75% of your attempted credits based, either on the enrollment level or the aid received, whichever is greater.

Read the BC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for complete details.